Letters: Psychologists prescribing, immigration, TriMet, Nestle bottling plant

Posted February 18, 2011

No to Nestlé
I think that Nestlé and Cascade Locks have the water issue backward. If Nestlé wants water, then give it Cascade Locks water, which the author of “Yes to Nestlé plant” (Letters, April 2) says is “sweet and tasty” and “pure in all the tests.” Leave the spring water for the fish at the Oxbow hatchery.

Why would anyone suggest piping the spring water to the Nestlé plant and then replacing the spring water meant for the fish at the hatchery with water from Cascade Locks water supply? Nestlé wants to be able to say that its water source is “spring” water. We all know that most bottled water is actually tap water and not any safer than water from most municipal taps, certainly not purer than the water we have from our taps here in Oregon.

Privatizing a water supply and promoting the sale of bottled water is ridiculous. We shouldn’t fall for the Nestlé advertising gimmicks promoting bottled water as a healthy alternative to high-calorie bottled drinks. Yes, water is a healthy alternative. Turn on your tap and have a glass.


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