Celebrating Our Activists’ November Contribution

November was a fantastic month for us here at Food and Water Watch, and it’s largely because of supporters like YOU! We would like to take a moment to thank and celebrate our coalition of groups and activists continuing the fight to Keep Nestlé Out of The Gorge. It is with everyone’s support to keep Nestlé’s hand off of Oregon’s water that we are on the cusp of a potential victory. Governor Kitzhaber has until the end of the month to stop Nestlé – but more on that in the next post. For now here’s a quick rundown of activists we would like to celebrate:

On November 16th, Food and Watch had our second quarterly Food & Water Watch Trivia Night with Beers at the Lucky Labrador Pub on SE Hawthorne. Attendees enjoyed snacks, beer, an update on the Nestlé campaign, playing trivia, and winning fun prizes. Most importantly, EVERY attendee filled out a letter to Governor Kitzhaber asking him to STOP Nestlé from bottling water in the Columbia River Gorge. One industrious activist even took a pile of letters home to get her friends, co-workers, and family to send them in as well.  It is because of that fervent support that we have built such a successful campaign to stop Nestlé in Oregon. We also want to thank the owners of Courier Coffee, Mirador Community Store, Oregon Mountain Community, Reading Frenzy, and Tender Loving Empire for their generous prize donations.

Activists enjoying Trivia Night at the SE Hawthorne Lucky Lab Brewpub

Remember those Roots and Shoots kids? Well, they’re back and ready to make another impact! A few weeks ago they participated in “Change for Change” at the Tanasbourne Whole Foods. For their participation, they were given a 5 cent donation from the store from the bag credit, the credit given to customers when they bring their own bags to pack their groceries. Throughout the day, the kids explained the Nestlé campaign with customers, demonstrated how to create origami and persuaded 20 customers to send letters to Governor Kitzhaber to protect Oregon’s water. These kids continue the fight to protect our water from Nestlé and to engage Oregonians in the campaign. Keep it going kids, this is great!

Roots and Shoots-er preparing for the H2Origami presentation at the Tanasbourne Whole Foods.

November has been absolutely great, our activists are brimming with optimism and want to do more, the Roots and Shoots kids are continuing to make ripples with their efforts, and we had our meeting with Governor Kitzhaber about the Ecotrust economic study. In December we will be asking folks to take the most important actions on the campaign to date to convince Governor Kitzhaber once and for all that he can and must stop Nestlé in Oregon. We would like to thank our activist for everything that they do: they help drive this movement. Remember that you can still write your letter to Governor Kitzhaber to protect Oregon’s water from Nestlé  but make sure you do it soon!


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