Write a Letter to the Oregonian Editor!

The Oregonian got it wrong. Way wrong. Not only did the editorial board publish an opinion piece last Saturday supporting a Nestle water bottling plant in the Gorge, it got its facts WRONG.

Please write a letter to the editor at the Oregonian correcting their mistake and renewing the call on the governor to stop Nestle from bottling our water.

The opinion piece stated that the state’s Water Resources Department has approved the water exchange. This is completely not true. The Water Resources Department cannot make a decision on the exchange until two other transfer applications are fully processed.

All you need to say is that the Water Resources Department has NOT made a decision on the water exchange and that Oregonians still have time to call on the governor to stop Nestle.

The water in question is owned by all Oregonians and is managed by state agencies that are supposed to work for us. The decision on how that water should be used is a state level decision not a local one.

Here’s a link to the opinion piece: http://www.oregonlive.com/opinion/index.ssf/2012/03/let_nestl_quench_cascade_locks.html

You can submit a letter to the Oregonian by e-mailing them at letters@oregonian.com or faxing them to (503) 294-4193. Please limit your letter to 150 words. Also, please include your full address and daytime phone number, for verification only. Letters may be edited for length and clarity.

Lastly, please write and have your letters submitted to the Oregonian by the end of today tomorrow so that the Oregonian can be made aware of these erroneous statements.


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