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Mother’s Day of Action

Did you know that Mother’s Day originally began as an activist’s call to end the American Civil war, led by mothers seeking to protect their children? Keeping with tradition, Bark and Food and Water Watch co-hosted a Mother’s Day of Action against Nestlé on Saturday, May 12th. Campaign supporters, including mothers and children, gathered at Mt. Tabor Park in Portland to create messages to Governor Kitzhaber, asking him to halt the water exchange plan.

Following the event, members of Bark, Food and Water Watch, and Resources for Health gathered at the State Capitol on Monday, May 14th to deliver these messages for water protection to Governor Kitzhaber’s office. Joining them was an awesome group of motivated children who were also concerned about Nestlé’s plan to bottle water in the Gorge. These children launched the H2Origami Project, in which they collected over 1,000 pieces of origami containing messages asking the Governor to respond to the issue from kids all over the state. They delivered their origami to the Governor’s office alongside those delivering the messages from the Mother’s Day of Action. You can view KOIN news’ coverage of the event here:

The Mother’s Day was just the beginning of the Keep Nestlé Out of the Gorge Coalition’s effort to increase public pressure on the governor to say ‘no’ to Nestlé. Keep checking in to find out what we’re doing next to show Governor Kitzhaber that not taking a stance on this issue is not an option: either he stands for Oregonians or he stands for Nestlé. We need to show him that he must stand with Oregonians!

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