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Nestlé’s Next Big Move

Bark Hike April 2012

Concerned citizens at a Bark hike to Oxbow Springs and Herman Creek. What will Governor Kitzhaber’s legacy be?

You might have noticed that Nestlé is in the news again in Oregon. They are proposing a new scheme to gain access to the coveted Oxbow Spring water in the Columbia River Gorge. Because of Nestlé meddling our own Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, with support from Governor Kitzhaber, is considering a new transfer of its water right to support a Nestlé water-bottling plant in the Columbia Gorge–a slap in the face to the over 65,000 Oregonians who have been waiting for a promised public interest review of the currently proposed water “exchange.”

Thankfully there is something we can all do about this:

  1. Click here to act now and send Governor Kitzhaber and Interim ODFW Director Curt Melcher your objections;
  2. Call the Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife Director’s Office at (503)-947-6044; and
  3. Call Governor Kitzhaber’s public comment line at (503) 378-4582

Leave a message, or if you talk to someone tell them that you “oppose the Oregon Dept of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) supporting a Nestlé bottling plant, especially the new scheme to transfer water right and avoid a public interest review.”

The Oregonian’s front-page story provides great information on this latest move.

A water “exchange” is a process where two parties (in this case ODFW and the City of Cascade Locks) maintain their respective water rights but agree to exchange water. The Oregon Water Resources Department, when reviewing such a proposal, considers whether the water exchange will be “detrimental to the public interest.” (See paragraph 8 of the Oregon Revised Statute here.)

Bark and Food & Water Watch has helped Oregonians submit over 75,000 comments to our state’s leaders and agencies opposing the current water “exchange.”

Shockingly, the proposed water right transfer does not include a public interest review.

We must stop the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife from pursuing a transfer of its water rights and knowingly avoiding a public interest review.

Please, click here to take action today.

We will share more information as we get it, including more ways for you to help.

In the meantime, tune into OPB’s Think Out Loud program at noon today, as the Nestle water bottling proposal and this new water rights transfer scheme will be featured on live on air.

Remember, together we have protected our public water resources from Nestlé for five years now. Thanks to your actions, and your financial support. We are proud to say that Nestlé’s proposed bottling plant in the Columbia River Gorge is still unpermitted!

Let’s make this the year that Governor Kitzhaber, and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife say “yes” to protecting our water, and “no” to Nestlé!



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