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After Meeting with State Officials Fast-Tracking Nestlé is Still on the Table

Will Governor Kate Brown, sworn in earlier this week, allow the State-Nestlé partnership to continue? Or worse, will Governor Brown allow the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife to apply for a “water rights cross transfer” and fast-track the giveaway of our water to Nestlé? Click for explanation of “cross transfer” versus “exchange.”  kate-brown-headshot-2012-color-275x347

We are cautiously optimistic that Governor Brown will protect our public water resources but we don’t actually know–that’s why we need to act now.

Please welcome Governor Kate Brown to her new post and remind her that you oppose Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife facilitating a proposed Nestlé water-bottling plant in the Columbia River Gorge.

Here’s how:

  1. Click here to send a welcome message to Governor Brown, educating her on the Department of Fish and Wildlife’s misguided plans to facilitate Nestlé’s first Pacific NW water-bottling plant;
  2. Call Governor Brown’s public comment line at (503) 378-4582; and
  3. Help us add organizations/businesses to a sign-on letter opposing the proposal. This letter to ODFW, cc’d to Governor Brown, is needed to demonstrate that this is an issue that all Oregonians care about. Simply visit the Take Action page or click on the “Sign your organization…” to find the letter. You can send this link to groups you think should sign on.

Update on the Proposed Water Rights Transfer:

On Tuesday, Bark, Food and Water Watch and Crag Law Center met with the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife to discuss its current transfer and exchange applications.

When we asked them about this new proposed “water rights cross-transfer,” they stated that they are looking into it and that they will check in with the Governor’s office before proceeding.

Governor Brown is new to this issue, so our action page provides a template that assumes she does not want to set a precedent by allowing State-facilitated water bottling. But let’s not leave anything to chance.

Please, send Governor Brown your message today to welcoming her to her new position and ask her to protect the Columbia River Gorge and Oregon from Nestlé.


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