The Keep Nestlé Out of the Gorge Coalition, a diverse group of organizations, formed to protect the scenic Columbia River Gorge from a Nestlé water bottling facility. Nestlé desires to bottle spring water in the Gorge – spring water used by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife (ODFW) for a fish hatchery. If Nestlé succeeds in bottling this water it would be the first time that a state agency would give away publicly owned water so Nestlé could profit from it. There are two state agencies involved in the governmental process necessary to free up this spring water to Nestlé and they both answer to Governor Kitzhaber. The coalition has succeeded in engaging over 30,000 Oregonians who have contacted the governor asking him to tell the ODFW to withdraw their application for a water exchange that would essentially give away our water so that Nestlé can bottle and sell it. Join us to protect Oregon’s water from Nestlé!

Working with you and our other partners, Food & Water Watch is heating up the Keep Nestlé Out of the Gorge! Campaign. With your help we’ll stop Nestlé from building its wasteful water bottling facility in the Columbia River Gorge.
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  1. The Keep Nestle Out of the Gorge blog looks great! I look forward to continuing to keep it up to date and using it as yet another tool in the fight to protect Oregon’s water from a Nestlé water bottling facility.

  2. Katy Hodgkins

    This is the life source of Oregon, they’re bottling! Nestlé is putting a dollar sign on the health of an entire state and ecosystem! This is yet another corporate manifesto, to fatten their pockets, without regards for future economical, or environmental reprocusions. Tempting local people with employment, they graph an economical opportunity for a vigorous income. But the history is abundantly evident, these to ‘big to fail corporations’, do not make a living off the well being of individuals

  3. Linda Fangman

    Leave it alone

  4. Valerie

    They are bringing their international predatory practices to roost here in the U.S. Nestle has already begun taking over precious water resources in third world countries. Making life giving water expensive and difficult for local peoples to attain. This is OUR natural resource, NOT to be made a profit of by ANY corporation. EVERY single citizen of Oregon ought to be fighting this tooth and nail!

  5. Anne

    For folks who think this is a small thing, PLEASE watch the movie “Tapped” and see the rest of the evil that Nestle is doing. And they aren’t even an American company anymore–they are Swiss! They have to be stopped! And people have to stop buying ANY bottled water—for some reason the general public has been convinced that our tap water isn’t safe to drink. FALSE! And most of the bottled water they buy just comes out of a tap somewhere anyway and they lie about it. We can’t allow this any more. Go get a glass and fill it from your tap—you won’t die. Honest!

  6. We are putting on a fundraiser with 50% of the proceeds going towards Bark. https://www.facebook.com/events/999227393443343/

  7. Thought you’d enjoy our music video we created to show support for the people of Flint and raise awareness on water issues with Nestlé in the Columbia Gorge: https://youtu.be/wZuOBNLzWdA

    Thank you for your committed work

  8. There is nothing since 2016. What is the status? I thought I had heard that Kate Brown was letting them go forward despite Hood River County’s vote.

    • fwwportland

      Hello Katherine, if you reference the blog post from October 17, 2016 you can see that, indeed, the state intends to proceed with the water exchange process. We stand ready to fight that once the process actually begins. We will continue to keep you posted, but for now it’s a bit of a wait and see situation. We at Food & Water Watch, Bark and our attorney’s at Crag Law Center plan to do all we can to stop the water exchange from being approved. We will also support the Local Water Alliance when and if the ballot measure is ever challenged.

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