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Food & Water Watch Continues to Build Movement to Stop Nestlé at the Muddy Boot Organic Festival!

Last week, Food & Water Watch had a table at the Muddy Boot Festival as we continue to gain support for and discuss the “Keep Nestlé out of The Gorge” campaign. Unfortunately, the festival this year coincided with the heat wave and the hottest temperatures experienced in our late Oregon summer and while the turnout was low, Food & Water Watch wants to thank those of you that did come out to visit. It was an incredible treat to continue engaging in so many conversations (many of which were extremely profound) on stopping a give-away of our water by the Oregon Fish and Wildlife so that Nestlé can bottle and sell it for profit. For the entire weekend, Food & Water Watch had, in addition to myself, 5 volunteers that ran the table collecting signatures asking Governor Kitzhaber to not allow Nestlé to bottle our water.

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