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  1. J

    I have just learned through the BBC news channel, that Nestle is having issues concerning their supply chain of cocoa in west Africa. These issues include child labor, pay, and safety issues concerning the poorest of the poor. Nestle has known about these issues since 2001, and said that they would look into these concerns and correct the problems. According to BBC news, little has been done. Nestle also wants to sell our water to other countries in which I believe eventually will deplete our water supply significantly. This is not a company I support in any way, shape, or form, and I truly believe if Nestle is allowed to build a water plant in the Gorge, it will destroy everything that makes the gorge what it is today and always has been, beautiful, sustainable, and for the most part undisturbed, so that our wildlife still has a place to call home.

  2. Mary Anne Andrews

    Nestlé tried to get some local land here in Virginia several years ago but they decided there would be better chances in Florida after the loud public outcry put forth by our active citizens. Make a fuss and don’t give up! Good luck!

  3. J

    I recently sent an e-mail to the “ODFW” stating the following:

    Comment: This comment is concerning the Nestle Corp. Please do not allow this company to build a water plant in the Gorge. Nestle treats their employees horribly. I know this because a member of my family has been working for them for sometime now. He is desperately trying to find another job that won’t run him into the ground, but do to the economy, he hasn’t had much luck. From what I have been told, many who work for this co. are very unhappy and are afraid to bring up their concerns to their superiors for fear of getting fired. With no other recourse they are forced to work under unfair conditions and “VERY LONG HOURS”. Because of what they put in the water, employees are forced to taste test the water to ensure that it doesn’t taste fishy or have some other strange taste. Water should taste like water, period! Also, what long term affects their additives will have on the people who work for them. Because of what they add to the water, I’m afraid of what might end up in the Columbia River and the affects it will have on our wildlife. Nestle also uses child labor in the Ivory Coast to pick the chocolate they use to make their various products. Abuse and low pay, among other violations concerning this co. should be a huge concern for all. If Nestle doesn’t care about using child labor, or how they treat the people that work for them, how can we expect them to care about the people that will eventually (if approved ) be hired here, and our beautiful Columbia River Gorge, or the wildlife in and around the Columbia River? I truly believe all this company cares about is the almighty Dollar. Please, Please I urge you to stop this company from building a water plant in our now beautiful Columbia River Gorge. Thank You for your time and consideration. I hope they take my advice!

    • Patra Conley

      Wow! thank you for spelling out what working for the Nestle company is like. Good idea to ban the buying of all their products!!! thank you for your post..

  4. Jack Graham

    Time to put an end to bottled water all together. Wake up before its to late. Hellooo Oregonians! The time is now to keepNestle out. Research this company.

  5. JoAnn Sherman

    This is a public resource that belongs to the public. Unless we want our water put in toxic plastic ,there is no reason to allow bottling our water! It ruins the water.

    There is an extreme water shortage in the west soooo this is inappropriate use of this resource.

  6. Kristin Crots

    There is a documentary,made in 2013, called “bottled life” on Netflix: “Journalist Res Gehringer investigates how Swiss-based corporation Nestle has plundered the world’s water resources in the name of big business”
    I suggest,ask,urge,plead with anyone in favor of Nestle coming to OUR GORGE,PLEASE watch this documentary?!?! It will open your eyes…. (&anyone else who’d like to watch it too! 😉
    I feel We’ve got to STOP Nestle from coming to the Gorge.

  7. Patra Conley

    For starters, calls and letters to Gov Kate Brown are essential (503)378-4582. Flood her office with calls, imploring her to respect the will of Hood River County voters AND the Columbia River fishing Tribes by telling ODFW (OR Dept of Fish and Wildlife) to stop its water exchange proposal with Nestle. Do not buy Nestle products!! Contact Anna Stevenson (sp?), Water Progam Manager of ODFW at 503-947-6084 Help keep the Gorge gorge-ous!

  8. Patra Conley

    Call Gov Kate Brown, urging her to honor the voters of Hood River County (who passed a local ordinance banning this type of activity); and ask her to respect the fishing tribes of the Columbia River at 503-378-4582. Call Anna Stevenson (sp?) of OR Dept of Fishing and Wildlife at 503-947-6084 to discuss the offer by Nestle to trade water from Cascade Lock with Oxbow spring, to bottle it up. Or leave a message and plead “Just say No” to maintain the natural environment of the gorge, the salmon breeding at Oxbow spring and the well being of the people, who will receive no compensation for the marring of this gorge-ous area (if you can excuse the pun!). They may be offering 45 jobs or so; no amount of jobs are worth the bottling of water for sale at the expense of nature!

  9. Dee

    I thought you might want to see this, these parasites are everywhere.

    They must be setting up to sell our water globally. Shut em down.

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