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The Time is NOW to Stop Nestlé in Oregon

The pressure is on and the time is NOW.
We can stop Nestlé Waters from locating here in Oregon.

The battle to keep Nestlé out of the Gorge is at a turning point. We have known from the beginning of this fight—four long years ago—that there is no good reason for Oregon to hand over public water to one of the world’s most disreputable corporations, but now the state knows it too.

Oregonians have consistently pressured Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW)—the state agency that would facilitate a Nestlé bottling plant—to withdraw its permits, and our pressure is working! ODFW is feeling the heat, but needs to know right now that we will never back down.  Contact ODFW now!

Unless ODFW withdraws its permits, next week they will begin costly legal proceedings, using taxpayer money to defend its role in helping Nestlé commodify Oregon’s public water. ODFW Director Roy Elicker can save the state of Oregon time, money and face if he pulls ODFW’s water exchange permit. It is urgent that Mr. Elicker hear from his superiors on the ODFW Commission that there is nothing the state can gain from this water exchange but there is a lot for it to lose. The more he hears from his commission, along with the voices of Oregonians, the more likely he is to stop the Nestlé project in its tracks. Contact ODFW now and urge them to take this last, easy way out.

A minute of your time could deal the final blow against Nestlé. Take action now!

Bark and Food & Water Watch, with representation from Crag Law Center, filed a protest against ODFW’s Water Transfer permits over a year ago after the Oregon Water Resources Department approved the permits in February of 2012. Meanwhile, the Keep Nestlé out of the Gorge Coalition ramped up the pressure against the state decision-makers responsible for this unprecedented proposal. Hundreds rallied in downtown Portland, participated in an amazing aerial photo shoot, and sent thousands of letters and phone calls to Governor Kitzhaber and ODFW.

If ODFW does not pull out of this process, legal proceedings could extend well into 2015. Visit Bark’s website for more information on this issue and Bark and Food & Waterwatch’s legal challenge to stop this outrageous plan.

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July 8, 2013 · 4:20 pm